It's All About You


It's up to you what and who you become in life. The necessary factor for your success is something that no person can teach you and no person can give you. No one can even cultivate it in you, only the process of life itself can do that. The grit, determination and tenacity to succeed is solely about you, and your relationship with yourself and God.

The ancient scriptures tell us that with a pure heart and true devotion, even a stone or a blade of grass can be your conduit to full realization of yourself and God, and to manifesting your full potential. This is because it's not ever about the teacher or guru: it's about you and you alone. No one teacher or guru is any better than another teacher or guru: you are taken to where you need to be in order to master your particular life lessons and challenges. That's how beautiful and mysterious the universe is!

I see far too often people who glorify their teachers or traditions constantly, and parrot everything they say and do. They get a lot of praise from others for doing this, and are often respected in their communities (because they follow someone people perceive to be great). These are not the people who are going to reach their goals or become great themselves. You can't piggyback on someone else's greatness and be something spectacular yourself. You have to walk your own path, and learn to speak for yourself.

Here's the point: no one can give you the grit, tenacity or determination to succeed or overcome your obstacles but you. And no one is going to remove your obstacles, because God is the one who put them there for you to learn from. No one. If you waste your time jumping from one thing to another, or one teacher to another (unless your own guru or guide had told you to, as mine guided me to), or waste your time quoting and reciting scripture or other people, or glorifying a static image of God or Goddess instead of working on your own character, you're wasting your time by not exploring your own profound connection with the universe and yourself. No teacher or guru can give you what it takes to master life. No teacher can fix you. No guru can enlighten you. No one can make you into something you are not. You'll become what you already are and what you work for....nothing less and nothing more.

If you're determined to learn, the right teacher will be brought. If you're determined to succeed in life, you will. And not because you prayed to a guru or God....because you believed enough in the God inside yourself to go out and get the things you want in life. You are either your biggest asset or your own worst enemy: the choice is yours. Once you really believe in yourself, understand yourself and let God bring the things you want and need, it happens. That's all spirituality is, is a way of getting to this place, and if it's used for anything else, you're missing the mark.