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Wellness Lifestyle, Simplified

Jaya Jaya Myra is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, QVC wellness & beauty spokesperson, regular national TV and media guest and wellness lifestyle expert. A scientist by training and thought leader in wellness living, Myra consults with businesses and individuals to create a well-rounded lifestyle that supports optimal mental, emotional and physical health, financial success, spiritual connection and harmonious relationships. Myra's debut book, Vibrational Healing: Attain Balance & Wholeness. Understand Your Energetic Type is now published in 10 languages and sold worldwide.



Mind Body Spirit Wellness






Wellness for Mind Body and Spirit

Want to reduce stress, improve productivity, gain clarity, improve your mood, and improve your health at the same time? What if you could do all of this by working towards finding and living your unique life purpose? Jaya Jaya Myra has developed the WELL Method for exactly this reason, to teach people just how interconnected their purpose and passion is with overall health and wellbeing. You’ll learn step-by-step how to take back control of your life, find your passion and stay well based on your unique physical and mental constitution.



Wellness Building & Design





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Wellness Building & Design - Commercial & Residential

Jaya Jaya Myra is a wellness building and design consultant who understands how the architectural layout, design, and decor used in your home or office affects your health, wellness, mood, success and overall lifestyle. From eco-friendly, well building standards to vastu consultation in building construction, Jaya Jaya Myra provides a one-stop resource for wellness living consulting in building, architecture and interior design.


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