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As a sought-after motivational speaker, Myra has been a Keynote Speaker for the United Nations Week of Spirituality, Values & Global Concerns, and has been invited all over the US and internationally to share her message. She regularly speaks on the topics of Health & Wellness, Mindfulness, Leadership, Stress Reduction, Women's Empowerment, Mind-Body-Soul Connection, Spirituality & Consciousness, and the core, foundational principles of each that help people reach their goals.

Myra is a strong advocate of diversity, regularly opening up discourse in her talks and live interviews that encourages tolerance, introspection, inter-religious dialogue. Her style is one that empowers listeners, motivating and inspiring them to try new things and make meaningful life changes.

The goal is to inspire people to think outside of their box. Excellent speaking opens up a sense of possibility in people, and when people feel they ‘can’ do something, they ‘do’!”
— Jaya Jaya Myra

Speaking Topics

Schedule a transformative experience for your next gathering. Myra's Keynotes and interactive seminars are practical, engaging and powerfully authentic; each one is tailored to the custom needs of your audience. Click the image next to each category to download Myra's speaker sheet. Common speaking topics include:

Health, Wellness & Lifestyle

  • Destress, Declutter & Detox Your Life
  • How I Overcame Debilitating Disease Naturally, and You Can Too
  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body - The Mind's Role in Physical Health & Wellbeing
  • Understand Your Unique Constitution & Energy Type for Healthy, Successful Living
  • The Life Purpose Energy Type Connection - Discover How Life Purpose Impacts Health
  • Health, Happiness & Purpose - How Your Emotions Impact Your Health & Wellbeing
  • Feng Shui for Your Unique Type - The Home and Personal Life Balance Remedy
  • Inner Prosperity - Your Fuel for Overall Health & Mind-Body-Spirit Balance


Spirituality, Values & Interfaith Harmony

  • Diverse Beliefs for an Empowered Society - The Importance of Inclusion and Unity for Healthy Spirituality
  • Live Your Spirituality, Be Your Best Possible Self - Steps to Positively Impact Your Day-to-Day Life
  • Cultivate Integrity & Character through Your Spirituality - Steps to Create a Purposeful and Rewarding Life
  • Align Your Spiritual Practice to Your Unique Constitution - The Elemental Composition Explanation
  • Achieving Inner & Outer Prosperity - The Power of Faith, Hope and Love for Fulfilled Living

Women's Topics & Motivational Leadership

  • Mindfulness in Leadership - Cultivating Charisma, Integrity and Awareness
  • Leadership Skills to Grow Your Business, & Create Happy, Loyal Employees
  • Want to be a Great Leader? Do These 5 Things To Develop Your Charisma
  • People & Profit - Effective Leadership That Empowers Your Entire Team, & Business
  • The Power of Women - How Women Create Diverse & Inclusive Businesses & Society 
  • 5 Life & Leadership Skills Best Learned From a Woman
  • The Power Behind Adversity - How I Overcame Sexual Violence and You Can Too
  • Poise, Power and Perfection - How Every Woman Can Live Up To Their Full Potential

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Myra is an excellent speaker! I’ve known her for many years and am deeply impressed with her sagacity and depth of knowledge.
— Shomik Chaudhuri, Co-Founder, Institute of International Social Development
Myra provides a thorough yet approachable foundation to understanding how mind body spirit well-being is intimately tied to physical health. For someone acculturated only to Western medical thought and practice, I found it both refreshing and empowering.
— Curt Schacker, Senior Vice President at EVRYTHNG
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Jaya Jaya Myra also teaches character development based on the Gita. Inquire directly to learn more.