I never realized how rare devotion was. It’s an inherent part of how I approach my own life, but it’s not how most people have grown up to believe or act due to a sense of inner poverty. A textbook understanding would lead you to know that devotion is love applied to the world of action, meaning that all actions are being governed by an innate wisdom and universal understanding. But what is not clear to people is that devotion is a straight and narrow path that leads to certainty in your actions, and that is rare. And wherever there is certainty (aka, no doubt), there is success.

People have a long way to go to feel self empowered, and to know the world supports them in their efforts. Since most people don’t feel supported, there is a “me first” mentality that keeps people from understand what devotion is. Devotion is “you first”. It’s an understanding that in order to receive, you must first give. You can’t take money out of a bank account before you put money into it. Life is the same way. Unless you can give of yourself into someone else, you won’t be able to reap the joys life has to offer or to feel supported by the universe at large.

Only when people can stop this “me first” mentality will we be able to get rid of this mental disease and sense of lack known as inner poverty. Inner poverty is the enemy of both self confidence and successful, healthy relationships. No one is a mountain. No one becomes successful, or happy, all by themselves. Nothing on this planet sustains itself. Rain nourished plants which create food. Food sustains us. We help sustain the planet. It’s all cyclic.

Here are the questions most people need to ask themselves:

  • What part of me is so lacking that I can’t fully devote myself to someone else fully?
  • What part me feels jeopardized by giving, which is the basis of all life?
  • What part of me feels it will cease to exist if I give a piece of it to someone else?

Figure this out and you’ve discovered the lie that is holding you back. Or more likely the cobweb of beliefs and events that have made you disconnected from your highest self and others. It’s this disconnection that is disempowering and causes life to go off course. Devotion should not be foreign. It should be your life’s blood and what sustains you. It’s the power that enables the universe to have your back in all matters and is what makes life worth living.

Jaya Jaya MyraSpirituality