Black, White & Shades of Grey - Life and It's Subtle Nuances


When I first started pursuing a spiritual path, I was under the assumption that it was going to help me connect with God and become "spiritual" for lack of a better word. As I continued on my path, I still believed this. I believed I was becoming more "spiritual. " Things improved in my life, and I was happier, healthier and more at peace. But as I continued on the path even further, my entire vantage point shifted. I realized that my life was getting better because I was becoming more human, not more spiritual. I was relating to myself, and others, in a different way. My perspective and vantage point had grown to be more inclusive.

This all started happening when I used the capacity of inner discernment to understand why and how my approach to my life and spiritual practice did not work for everyone. I've never believed there is a single way to do something, and I've always known all paths lead to God, but digging deeper, really contemplating on it, showed me that people don't have spiritual problems; they have human problems. And spirituality is merely a way to help you handle your very real, very human, very mundane problems in life.

Life is not simple. It's not black and white, unless you are very new to your journey and still have a lot left to learn. There is no one way, or right way, to do anything. Your life is is what you make it to be, and the possibilities that your life contain are only as limited as your mind, and your perspective is. If life is black and white to you, you have very little options, or opportunity. If you can expand your perspective to include shades of grey, and ultimately color into the spectrum of your perception, anything is possible. You'll also become a more tolerant, less judgmental person. The more you come to understand this, the more compassion you'll have for yourself and others. And compassion goes a loooooong way towards helping cultivate the inner prosperity necessary for you to achieve your goals.