Natural Ways to Heal & Recover From Surgery


Hey everyone, I promised I'd let you know about how my surgery went and the natural approaches I've been using to recover. I had surgery on Wednesday. It lasted 2 hours, and I was released home the same day. It was not a minor procedure (in fact, this is the most major surgery I've ever had), and I'm glad to not have to stay in the hospital when I can rest at home.

I'll outline everything I've done so far, and update this blog with what I continue to do to recover, naturally. And let me be clear: I'm still doing what my doctor suggested, still taking pain meds even though I don't like them (because the last thing you want to do is get into pain, because then it's harder to control), and being careful with what I do. But I have to recover suuuuuper fast because I have 3 TV appearances coming up very soon, and I need miraculous levels of healing to make this all work! 

1. Rest at home. As mentioned, I came home the day of my surgery, wrapped up in a surgical garment with drainage tubes and all. I love the energy in my home. It's set to be a healing energy, so recovery is much faster here.

2. Mantra during surgery. I am fortunate enough to have a small group of people agree to chant mantra for me during my surgery, and trust me, that goes a long way. I had no fear going under anesthesia and was actually quite relaxed.

3. Nano Silver. Leading up to the surgery and post surgery, I've been taking nano silver. Helped to clear out a last minute infection before surgery and it keeps you extra healthy, while strengthening the potency of the post-surgery antibiotics.

4. Homeopathy. Before and after surgery. For 5 days before surgery and still now I've been taking arnica, staphysagria and phosphorus, 30C, 2-4 times daily. Phosphorus helps with recovery from anesthesia, arnica helps with swelling, bruising and pain and staphysagria helps in the healing of surgical wounds.

5. Making sure to get moving! The day of my surgery, when I got home I walked around my apartment. The next day, I waked around my large NYC block. The next day, I walked 1.5 miles. Today I walked over 2 miles (yes, you can just call me's ok!). 

6. Stay hydrated. Seeing as how I can't really use my abdominal muscles at all, and can't even get out of bed without help, eating and drinking has been challenging. So is sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose, or pretty much anything. Lol. But I've been making sure to drink electrolytes like Powerade, natural fresh juices pressed from a local juicer (carrot has been amazing, and helps with constipation...a major issue when taking pain meds), some ginger cayenne shots, and plenty of water. Oh, and my daily tea! :)

7. Visualization. I've been visualizing staying healthy and functional. Visualizing the drains coming out early. Visualizing walking well (I have 3 TV appearances coming up I have to be ready for, no matter what, so healing is a top priority for me!).

8. Turmeric. Turmeric is truly a wonder drug! Read my free mini ebook when you sign up for my email list to learn more.

9. Lots of healthy food, and listening to my body. I did an all liquid diet when I got home from surgery. Just fluids and miso soup. I started eating the next day, and all very healthy stuff. Since I can't eat or drink much, every little bit of space inside of me counts, so it's been getting filled with high nutrient, high fiber, easily digestible foods.

10. Probiotics, and lots of them! With taking this much antibiotics, I'm making sure to take ample probiotics too. about 150 billion units a day. 

Three days post surgery - I'm regaining some sensation in my abdomen and my body is softening up. I walked 2 miles today. I have *ZERO* bruising whatsoever. And the stitch lines are super clean. My surgeon used some awesome fancy barbed sutures which are sure to aide in the recovery process and minimize scarring, which is awesome!

Four Weeks Post Surgery - I feel like a new person! I'm back to my gym routine and the infrared sauna for a couple of weeks now, still not back with my trainer though. I have to wait a bit longer before resuming my workouts full force. The infrared sauna definitely speeds recovery! All of the TV appearances went fantastic with no problems. I'm back to walking my 2-5 miles per day and feeling great. 

Jaya Jaya Myra