Responsibility is a Conscious Choice


It’s the worst moments of your life that define who you are. The best moments in your life are usually defined by positive situations or opportunities coming your way, and have less to do about your own action, but the worst moments are made better or worse solely by your actions and how you choose to deal with them. The worst moments shape your trajectory and send a large ripple out into the universe that people, situations and events respond to for years, or lifetimes, to come. They build the cosmic web of your future, by altering that of the present.

So how do you go about making good decisions and not having to live with situations you regret? It comes down to responsibility. Let’s break that word down. Response + ability is when you choose to respond to situations from a place of consciousness and mindfulness and not react out of fear.

We all have the ability to choose to respond, instead of allowing ourselves to react to what life brings us. If something or some situation is brought to you, it's there for a good reason and it's up to you to figure out why, even if what has shown up goes against everything you know or believe to be true. Those are the best sorts of life lessons and areas for conscious growth! In fact, I would call those some of the biggest blessings we get in life. We have the response-ability to respond to situations from out highest self instead of letting our fears and demons dictate our fate. The difference between living your destiny vs. succumbing to your fate is solely in how you deal with what life brings your way: do you respond from a place of being mindful or do you react out of fear and insecurity?

You can always make your defining moments into something positive, even if those moments are devastatingly bad. That is response-ability: taking anything that is thrown at you in life and using it for good. Look at me. I went from total devastation in my life from debilitating fibromyalgia: losing my home, job and career, marriage, family, declaring bankruptcy and losing everything to my name to being a best-selling author, motivational speaker and media personality. I could have made the choice to react and stay in that very dark place, but I chose to do the hard work necessary to come out on top.

Part of being conscious is in knowing how to recognize a defining moment in your life when it happens so that you can choose how to respond. Allow all situations to be inner fuel for happiness, purpose and completion. Taking the bad and making it into something great is what inspires other people to have hope and make change in their own life. That’s the mark of a great person; not perfection, but response-ability.