Life is an Epic Love Story


If there is one thing to learn about the universe and God it is that love itself is the fabric the entire universe is made up of. Life is intended to be a love story of epic proportions. It's here to give you everything your heart has ever dreamed of. Those things that are so bright and beautiful that the mind can't even comprehend it.

We're all conditioned to believe in practicality. To believe life is supposed to follow a standard script, or rules set in place by tradition, society or family. Not only are we taught to be practical, we're conditioned to believe what we are capable of attaining is limited. And that is all utter BS. Well, you can live that way if you want to: no one is going to stop you. We all have free will after all. But the possibility and potential life has to offer is so much greater than any box your mind will put life in. Life is as big as what you'll allow your heart to dream of. 

Free will is what makes the love of the universe a double edge sword: you get what you put your energy into, and if that is the BS in your mind, you'll get BS in life and a mediocre existence. You'll never be fully happy, because a part of you will always know it settled for less than what you know is possible. If you live by the heart, you'll get your hearts desires and more. The amazingness that you are capable of bringing into your life is so awe inspiring that the bliss and joy inside can literally fracture the mind, if you haven't prepared it for greatness.

It takes so much courage to dream, to follow the path of your own heart, and not be influenced by what others want or expect of you. It's the Hero's journey of life. The reason your heart beats is to fulfill your dreams. Every single thing you have in life is based on your dreams and your purpose, down to your physical body's shape and structure. Everything that makes you uniquely you was given to you so that you can fulfill your hearts desires. Think about that for a moment. Think how much God must love you to make you so perfect that you have the potential to draw every single thing you want to you in your life.

Being unhappy is a sign that your mind is running the show and not your heart. The mind is what gets conditioned to the expectation of others. So much so that you might even believe the lie yourself. Be assured, if you are on path and on track to living your destiny, you'll be overwhelmingly happy, even when bad things happen to you and your mind will be silent. Life just can't truly get you down. If you're on track to succumb to your fate, your mind will tell you things are as they should be, or rationalize what's going on. Here's the thing. When the heart leads the way, there is no room for thought, rationalization or justification. The mind does not exist to run the show: it merely reflects the projection of the dreams in your heart so they come true. All the mind ever does is project, and it's up to you to decide if you want it to project the BS you've learned in life about the way things "should be" (like a fucking parrot that has no words of its own) or if you want it to project the vision that God gave you to live a profound life and fulfill your highest calling.

There are certain rights of passage into manhood and womanhood, and the most impactful one is the lesson of being fully yourself, and learning to be uniquely you. These rights of passage don't come with age, they come with maturity, and some people will never get it, regardless of age. It reminds me of chapter 1 in Gita, where Arjuna is on the battlefield and realizes he has to fight against his friends, family and elders if he is to fulfill his own dharma as a warrior. And so is life. You can't be a parrot of other peoples dreams and expect to live your own. You must listen to your own heart. Here's the thing: you can do it. You can do anything you fully put your heart to, no matter how difficult it may seem. I am living proof of that. Life will give you everything you can dream of if you have the courage to follow your heart and be true to yourself.