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As a seasoned interviewer in both TV and Radio, Jaya Jaya Myra knows the right ways to engage audiences, amaze viewers and inspire conversation. She's a versatile natural health and lifestyle expert, with extensive media experience.

Jaya Jaya Myra is a regular national TV guest and has written for and been quoted in prominent publications including Fox News, Huffington Post, Readers Digest, Redbook, Better Homes & Gardens, Bustle, Yoga Magazine, Naturally Savvy and more.


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The Staff of Mercury - Documentary Feature Film


Jaya Jaya Myra is one of the featured experts in the highly-anticipated documentary feature film on health and wellness, The Staff of Mercury. She joins other well known luminaries including Jack Canfield and Homayoun Sadeghi to share secrets about health and overall wellbeing.


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Myra was a great guest! She came prepared with a wonderful topic, very detailed and helpful tips for our audience and enthusiasm. Myra understands how to be a great guest and give audiences information to help improve their lives.
— JoDee Kenney, Anchor at Spectrum News
It’s been delightful having Myra as a repeated guest on both of my shows, Insight Tonight and Wide Angle with Ashok Vyas. She articulates her experiences in a way that helps others in their search for the light within.
— Ashok Vyas, TV Host at ITV Gold
My audience gave such great feedback, I had Myra as my very first (repeat) guest in 2018!
— Joel Markel, Host of Preferred Company Radio
Jaya Jaya Myra was on my 2-hour live radio program, which may seem like a long time for discussion, but the time went by quickly. We could have spoken for much longer. She’s an excellent guest and I’m looking forward to having her back!
— Tom Marino, Radio Host