Feelings Weave the Web of Life


People will forget what you said to them, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. This shows just how deep emotions and feelings get rooted into our minds and our perception of others, and into how we shape our day to day reality. It’s also a clear indicator how important positive emotions are for spiritual growth and raising your consciousness and how our emotions can help or hinder us to manifest our full potential. In fact, they are the single most important determining factor in what we are able to accomplish.

Feeling shapes memory, which is why memory is so subjective. And memory has direct connection to perceptions of purpose, self-worth and capability. I’ve been blessed in life to have had deeply impactful experiences that have left me a better person, even if the feelings were not good. We always remember the bad more easily than the good. I’ll certainly not ever forget those moments or how those people made me feel, but I’ve managed to learn from the experiences and transmute the energy into something positive for life. And that’s the whole purpose of adversity: to turn it into something better. When you can transmute feelings into positive experience, you’re learned something of the nature of karma.

Out of all of my life’s experiences, there are 4 people and experiences that have had a profound impact on me and my feelings towards myself and life. So profound that it’s become foundational to who I am as a person. One was my stepfather and his acts of sexual abuse. Thanks to him, I learned what fear is, how deep it runs, and how detrimental fear is to anything and everything good. One was my mother, and from her I learned that you can gain wisdom from the experiences of others and use their adversity to your benefit, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes. One was my ex-husband and his disrespect for all things spiritual, including the sacredness of relationship. Thanks to him, I learned the difference between the nature of death energy and life force. One was an ex-student, and thanks to him, I learned that anything sacred cannot be made freely available – you have to work for and earn anything of value, or you won’t respect and honor it. You won’t see it as a boon. People devalue you when you give things too freely, even if they want what you are offering, and that was the most difficult and painful lesson of all. Not being sexually assaulted or beaten, but being devalued and made irrelevant.

Maybe that seems strange but look at it this way. Both are acts of devaluing an individual, but in one scenario a person takes something pure and sacred by force because they need it to feel whole, and in the other a person throws away something pure and sacred when it’s given to them freely. Which is the greater karmic debt? They are pretty equally weighted.

Feeling are what weave the web of karma, for it’s how you make people feel that will determine your destiny or fate. Feelings are the sincerest form of prayer, because they are a direct line of communication between you and God. You can’t make everyone happy, nor are you supposed to. But you need to be aware of how you make people feel because that web you’re building will impact your entire life. Your reputation will precede you, and you’ll be judged on your reputation, not on who you really are or what you’re capable of. So make sure you’re leaving a positive impact on the people you meet so your name becomes synonymous with good feelings and positive energy.

Jaya Jaya Myra