What's in a Mala?


If you've ever met me in person or seen any of my TV appearances or videos on social media, you've likely realized that I always wear a mala. Like some people wear their wedding ring constantly, I wear a mala all the time. So what's to a mala? Well, depending on what type of beads or stones a mala is comprised of will determine what sort of an effect it is having on the body, mind or emotions. 

Currently, I have two malas I wear regularly. One is my Rudraksha mala that I've had for years.  Rudraksha is said to impart courage and have positive health benefits for the heart. It's considered sacred to Shiva and can help connect you with the energies Shiva represents, including divinized masculine energy. I also have a Labradorite mala that I wear regularly now. Labradorite is strongly connected with an "I can do" energy that makes all things possible. It's victory in the form of accomplishment. It's also connected to the 6th chakra, and to Murugan.

For me, wearing my malas goes far beyond their wellness benefits. When I choose to do something, advocate for a cause or wear something all the time, rest assured there is a deeper reason why. My Rudraksha mala is a reminder to me to keep the masculine divine in my heart and consciousness at all times, for what you focus on will come to you. It reminds me that I am not alone and that I have all the support in the universe, should I need it. The Labradorite mala is my reminder to be the person I most admire, each and every day. You don't need to look for the traits you admire in another person if you choose to embody them and live them yourself. Victory....the ability to be and do all things you work towards, is something that's always been core to my being. But it's not okay to just worship this: what you worship you become. Otherwise worship cannot lead to realization of your highest potential.

My malas are a sacred way for me to connect to the things that make me feel whole and complete. They remind me that I am part of a much larger whole, and that the web of life is always weaving itself in accordance with ones dreams and desires. May you all get what you desire and dream of, and may you all feel supported on your journey of life.

Jaya Jaya Myra