Press & Media  - 2016 and Earlier

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Yoga Magazine - Spirituality & Character Development

ITV Gold - Insight Tonight with Ashok Vyas - Women's Marches Post Election

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Yoga Magazine - Feature Interview with Jaya Jaya Myra

ITV Gold: Wide Angle with Ashok Vyas - Predictions on Indian Elections & Modi

Yoga Magazine - What is Dharma?

Tathaastu: So Be It! - An Exploration of Energy Healing

Yoga Magazine - Mantra for Inner & Outer Change

Yoga Magazine - Yoga Asana & Spirituality

Yoga Magazine - Chamunda Devi: The Angry Goddess

ITV Gold - Wide Angle with Ashok Vyas - Interview on Vibrational Healing Book

Tathaastu: So Be It! - Connect to Your Ishta Devata & Connect to Yourself

Spiritual Lounge - Consciousness in Motion

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